About application

Can I use ENPay if I already have a tag device?
Yes. While registering you need to select I HAVE A TAG option. You need to bring the TAG device, so we can reconfigure it.
Physical reconfiguration is mandatory because of Serbian Roads technology policy.
Can I move from prepaid to postpaid?
Yes. If you are using TAG device already, we need to reconfigured it, the payment method will be a credit card. Reconfiguration needs to be done physically, so you can either send it to our address or bring it yourself.
Reconfiguration is completely free of charge, the only charge is in case if you choose to send it to us. In that case, charge is 250 RSD.
Do I need to have internet connection to use ENPay to go through toll booth?
No. You don't even need a mobile phone. You just need to have a TAG device.
Which credit cards I can connect with ENPay application?
ENpay application support: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and DinaCard.
Can I change my credit card connected with my account?
Yes. Log in to application, go to section My account and SHOW ALL CARDS.
Here you can add new cards, delete existing one, and change the primary card.
To delete primary card, there should be at least another one which you previously marked as primary.
Can I connect multiple cards to my account?
Yes. Log in to application, go to section My account and REGISTER CREDIT CARD.
Procedure is identical to first registration of credit card.
Is there an expenses report?
Yes. In application you have an report showing all expenses. Showing list of all tollbooths, time and dates, and tolls prices.
Three times in a month, for each decade, we are sending the report along with receipt.
How can I see my expenses in application?
Log in to your account, on the first screen you will see your monthly expenses.
If you want detailed report, click on amount for a specific month and you will see an information for all tolls in that month.
You can filter this by registration, routes etc.
Customer is getting an receipt for using services?
Yes. Customer is getting an receipt three times in a month, for each decade in a month, on email which customer used to register with.
ENPay is working with Serbian Roads company?
Yes. ENPay, company Allyes d.o.o is in charge of ENPay application. Allyes d.o.o is official partner of Serbian Roads company.
Why do I need to send TAG device do company address?
It's not possible to reconfigure TAG device remotely, because it needs to be reconfigured using special device.
Everyone who wants the pay the toll using credit card, needs to send TAG device to our address so we can reconfigure it.
Do I need to have both application and TAG device?
Yes. TAG device allows you to go through tollbooth and that is the technology used by Serbian Roads.
You will need to register new account via application, add new credit card which will be used as payment method.
Only TAG device is necessary when you are going through tollbooth.
Is there a time limit for using credit which i get after activating an account (600RSD)?
No. Credit you get after activating account and TAG device, you can use whenever you want.
After using that credit (600RSD), Serbian Roads will use credit card you registered as payment method.
How road toll payment works?
The calculation and report of realized tolls is made in the accounting period of 2 weeks.
The payment is made automatically from the payment card you have registered - no engagement is required on your part except to provide funds in the account. In case you did not use TAG or had no consumption, you will not be charged. 24 hours after submitting the specification and invoice, tolls are automatically charged from the payment card you registered in the application. Payment is made 5 days in a row.
A 6% discount will be given to customers whose payment is successfully made. ENPay users who have been properly charged for tolls will receive a 6% discount on their ENPay account in the form of a credit after a few days. This virtual loan will reduce your future debt payments. If the toll is not paid within the deadline, the client will not receive the 6% discount and the TAG device will be blocked / placed on the BLACK LIST.
Can I install application on Blackberry?
No. Application is available on Android and iOS only.
My credit card personal data is secure?
Yes. As payment provider we are using OTP bank Belgrade platform, which is a part of successfull international group.
ENPay doesn't access your personal data, and it's not recording your data.
ENPay uses First Data as credit card processor, which is a pioneer in this type of business, and OTP bank has an agreement with this company.
You can find all details in terms of use section, when registering an account.
Accepting this conditions, an agreement is forming between You as an user, and us, as owner of ENPay application.
Our interest is to have clients, which will feel safe to use our system.
Can I monitor my expenses using application?
Yes. You have a monthly overview in our application. You can sort them by registration or route.
What if I want to stop using ENPay?
There are two ways to stop using ENPay.
In case you didn't register your TAG yet, you can deactivate your account via link in text "Deactivate your account", and choose option DEACTIVATE ACCOUNT.
If you have one or more TAG devices, we will need to reconfigure those TAG devices to prepaid, and all taxes and bills needs to be paid.
After that, account deactivation is done by system administrator.

About prices

Road toll prices are the same when using ENPay application?
Yes. Using ENPay there are no hidden costs or taxes. All prices are sorted according to Serbian Roads price list.
Is there any charges when using ENPay services?

There is no charges when using ENPay. Here is the list of all taxes:

  • 2022 RSD is the price of new TAG device. Our offical partners are selling TAG devices according to this price, as well.
  • 250 RSD is the shipping price, if you choose to send it for reconfiguration. You can avoid this expenses by bringing TAG devices personally.
  • 600 RSD is the price when user register existing TAG in ENPay application. User will have this amount for payment purposes. Company is not getting this amount, this only serves as some sort of insurance, to reduce the count of inactive users.
  • 1 RSD is price when connecting credit card with application. This is a standard procedure which serves as a bank account activity checking method. This amount will be returned to your account.
Is there any charges when reconfiguring existing tag?
Reconfiguration is free of charge. You are paying shipping cost (350RSD) if you are sending TAG device. If you bring it, there is no cost.
600 RSD is the price when user register existing TAG in ENPay application. User will have this amount for payment purposes. Company is not getting this amount, this only serves as some sort of insurance, to reduce the count of inactive users.
Is there any charges when downloading ENPay application
No. Application is completely free and you can download it on Google Play or App Store.
Why do i need to pay 600 RSD when activating account?
This only serves as some sort of insurance, to reduce the count of inactive users and spam accounts.
User will have this amount for payment purposes and there is no time limit.
After this ammount, Serbian Roads will start to use credit card as payment method. It's important to know that only first reconfigured TAG costs 600RSD.
Do I need to pay everytime when i go through tollbooth?
No. Payment will be processed every ten days (three times per month). User will get an receipt and report on email and three days after, amount will be deducted automatically.

About setup

How do I register an existing tag in the application?

Download application, start it, create account and connect credit card.
After that, click START REGISTRATION. It will ask you, do you already have a TAG device? Choose YES and then NEXT. Enter your licence plate number and category which corespond to reported TAG.
If you want to connect multiple TAG devices with same account, choose option + ADD VEHICLE and then enter information for that vehicle.
Click NEXT and choose the way you want to bring the TAG device. You can bring it personally or you can send it to our address Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 134g, Novi Beograd, Srbija.
When registering, amount of 600 RSD will be deducted from your credit card for account activation, no matter if its only one TAG or couple of them.

Important: it's recommended to use all credit before reconfiguration, because it will be lost.

Who can I contact if I need help during ENPay account activation?

You can send all questions to podrska@enpay.rs, call +381114502785 or can visit our Facebook stranice. Our address is Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 134g, Novi Beograd, Srbija.

How I can start using ENPay services?
Visit App Store or Google Play store, download ENPay application, start it and follow instructions shown on screen.
How can I order new TAG device?
Download application, create account. Enter your personal information and credit card details. On screen you will see question, "Do you already have an active TAG?", press NO and then NEXT.
Enter licence plate number and vehicle category. Finally, choose how you want to receive your TAG device. It can be shipped to your address or you get it personally in our office.
Shipping cost is 250 RSD and TAG device price is 2022 RSD.
Is there a warranty for new TAG devices?
If you are buying new TAG device directly from us, you will get an receipt and warranty. Allyes d.o.o is official distributor of TAG devices.
If you already have a TAG device and you want to reconfigure it, warranty is still valid.
What is the warranty period for new TAG devices?
Warranty period is two years starting from the date when TAG device is bought.
Can I withdraw credit which I have on prepaid TAG?
Credit on prepaid TAG device can't be withdrawn.
Best way is to use that credit first and then reconfigure TAG device to postpaid method.
Unused credit can be withdrawn to other prepaid TAG device which will not be used with ENPay application. In that case, you will need to bring both devices to our address.
Can I move TAG devices from one car to another?
Yes, you can move TAG devices without any limits as long as it is in the first vehicle category. If you want to change the vehicle category, TAG device needs to be reconfigured.
Where do I need to bring my TAG device for reconfiguration?

On our webpage in section you can find complete list of location where you can bring your TAG devices.
You can bring your TAG device personally or you can send it our address.

What personal information I need to enter for ENPay application usage?

When registering your account you will need to enter:

  • E-mail address (here you will receive receipts and reports)
  • Personal address (you will receive your TAG device on your address)
  • Username and password (you will need this to log in to your account)
  • Your phone number (not mandatory)
  • ID number