Pickup your TAG device on border crossing and travel through Serbia without stopping

Step 1:

Download our app from Google Play or iOS Store .
Register your account.
Add your payment card.

Step 2:

After clicking START REGISTRATION button, select NO option and click NEXT

Step 3:

Enter licence plate number and vehicle category for TAG device. If you want to connect multiple TAG devices, choose option + ADD VEHICLE and enter information for that vehicle. Press NEXT.

Step 4:

If you wish to pickup a TAG device on
border crossing when entering Serbia,
choose option PERSONAL and then
choose NEXT.

Step 5:

In calendar, choose the date when you are going to enter Serbia, then choose border crossing (currently available Batrovci and Horgos). You need to order the TAG device at least 48 hours before going to border crossing.

Step 6:

Make sure that information you enter is correct and press CONFIRM.