Instructions if you have a TAG device

Step 1:

Start registration of TAG device by pressing START REGISTRATION

Step 2:

Choose option YES (I'm registering existing TAG device) and press NEXT.

Step 3:

Enter licence plate number and vehicle category for TAG device. If you want to connect multiple TAG devices, choose option ADD VEHICLE and enter information for that vehicle. Press NEXT when done.

Step 4:

I'm bringing a TAG device personally:
Choose option PERSONAL and press NEXT.

Step 5:

Select one of the offered addresses to which you want to bring the TAG for reconfiguration.

Step 6:

From LIST, choose part of the city and then retail place. Press CONFIRM when done.

Step 7:

I'm sending the the TAG device via POST OFFICE:
Choose POST OFFICE, then NEXT.

Step 8:

By pressing CONFIRM, you are completing registration.